Tuesday, November 26, 2013

COSMIC Kick-Off At Wolf Creek - Brian Smith

After missing the inaugural event last year with the big powder day ski afterwards, I wasn't about to let another one pass me by.  Team GO-CB made it a full day driving down the morning of the event.  Great weather and clear roads made the trip enjoyable and uneventful. For the men; Wick, Jon and I made the race.  Jari was unable to attend due to a family commitment.  Our newest member Stevie Kremer made the trip down with her boyfriend Marshall Thomson.  Everyone was pumped for the first event of the season, anxious to see where everyone stacked up in competition.  The team was outfitted with the SCARPA Alien 1.0 carbon boots, Ski-Trab Gara Aero World Cup skis/Race Attico bindings/Vertical Carbon pole.

The start was postponed 30 minutes due to avalanche control.  Everyone was looking forward to a great snow day with awesome coverage and some killer skiing afterwards. The start was fast as everyone would expect with Marshall and Scott Simmons taking turns ramping up the pace for the first 20 minutes.  Mountain bike pro and ski-mo rookie Colin Cares and I were able to stay in contact for the first climb with Wick and Jon close behind.  I made my way to the front on the descent but took a wrong turn loosing about 45 seconds to the lead group.  Scott, Marshall and Wick were leading the charge.  I passed Wick and caught Scott and Marshall before the top of the second climb.  The 3 of us stayed together until the last 5 minutes of the 3rd climb when Marshall and Scott were ready to vie for the win.  I watched the showdown unfold over the last skin up to the finish with Marshall outpacing Scott to take the race.  Scott finished a very strong 2nd about 20 seconds back and I strode across about a minute back for 3rd. Wick came in about 5 minutes later followed by Colin then Jon for 4th,5th and 6th respectively.

 Stevie won the women's race in dominant fashion and Jon's girlfriend Amy Biesel raced her first race class event and ended up 4th despite taking a wrong turn and doing a longer race!

 The Alien boots were plenty stiff for the downhills and provided awesome articulation for the low angle classic skinning.  I was more impressed with the float of the new Gara Aero World Cup ski.  The wider shovel and early rise tip allowed the ski to float amazingly well in the deep powder.

The powder skiing in the afternoon was amazing.  We all skied for almost 4 hours with many top to bottom runs.  Thighs were burning and mouths were gaping!  We had the company of locals Scott and Miles to show us around the resort.  We were able to put our Magico skis to more powder testing.  The 117mm shovel floated so well and the edge control of the 80mm waist made for effortless turning.  Can't wait to ski again at Wolf Creek.  Next event on tap is the Irwin La Sportiva event December 7th.  Hope to see you there!

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