Sunday, January 20, 2013

Updated Course At Crested Butte

Unfortunately a lack of recent snow has forced the change of the course, and important to note that the Guide Ridge will not be included, so NO TECHNICAL ROPE GEAR.  Below are some Google Earth photos of the Race Division course.  Please read the captions below for details on what portion of the course you are looking at.  I do guarantee that this will be another beautiful and challenging course that you come to expect from Crested Butte, CO.

Last half of the race on this photo.  Lookers right Red line is the 3rd climb starting near the base area and climbing up to mid terminal on the High Lift (T-Bar lift) (TA #7). The first boot pack will be at the very bottom of this red line at the choke for about 350 vertical feet and then continue up on skins.  Rip skins at the top(TA #7) and head down Green line, splitting skier's right and back to TA #8 where you will put skins on, and skin up to your second boot pack (Red Line) on Headwall (~350ft vert). to TA #9.  Put skis on feet, rip skins and descend Green line to bottom of Teo Bowl.  TA #10 you will put on skins climb up Red Line back to near TA #7 and continue to top of High Lift (TA #11), rip skins and descend Green line that drops out of sight on this photo.  (Recreation class will be doing the skin/ski out to top of Snodgrass and back to base area, retracing their steps back....~3200ft of climbing).

Great overview of the course.  The pink line represents and out and back for Recreation Division.  Race class will continue out Pink line for first climb & descent out to Climb up Snodgrass and descent back to Pink line taking racers back NEAR the Base of Ski Area. Then Race division will climb Red line and do upper portion of Mtn (see above photo).  Recreation Class will headed to Start/Finish line for Finish.

A great view of upper Red line climb to TA #7, rip skins and descend down dark green line thatcomes back to TA #8,  athletes will put on skins and skin to a boot pack up red line to Headwall Ridge (TA #9).  Race class will ski down green line into dark timber to bottom of Teo Bowl (TA #10).  Put skins on climb up Red line to TA #11, rip skins and descend green/lime green line going L to R on photo.

Big overview with Snodgrass Mtn on Left and Mt. CB on right.  Pink color is the out and back.  Green up, Red down, blue lines are chairlifts.  Snodgrass will be on skin tracks to the top and descent will be a mix of jeep road and off-piste descents.

Another view of Snowdgrass on left and Mt. CB on Right.  Town of CB down bottom Right of photo. Recreations Class will go out to top of Snodgrass and back to base area for Finish.

Another view of course.  Both divisions will start up pink to TA #1 rip skins down and out to Snodgrass Loop

Start at base area will climb up Pink for both classes, rip skins and TA #1. Both Divisions will return back to TA #5 and descend back to TA #6 coming into it via the green line.  TA #6 Race Division will put on skins and climb up Red line where athletes will encounter their first boot pack  (half way up, where red line gets into dark timber/shadows).   Lime green line also gives you a general idea of where the final descent is for Race class from TA #11 to Finish line.

Additional Comments:
  •  This is not GPS on the ground but Google Earth stats are - 16.08 miles - 6511' climbing.  (Snodgrass Loop  (TA #2 - TA #4) Vert. 1500ft, Peel (TA #6-TA #7) 2450ft climb (with a boot pack).
  • Recreation Class will do an out and back to top of Snodgrass and back to base area.  Approximately 7 miles and 3,200' of climb/descend

  • Most climbs will have backcountry feel.  TA #4 to TA #5 is the only 100% groomer climb.
  • Most climbs were put in on Sunday 1/20/13 and the forecast for the week is cold nights, seasonal day time temps, and sunny.  Skin & boot tracks should firm up.
  • Crested Butte Mountain Resort is hosting a "Full Moon Rendezvous".  Skin to mid mountain restaurant, 10 Peaks (TA #1 & TA #5) for bonfire, food & beer).  
  • Registration page -
  • No Day of Registration, no skills check Friday night either now that the Guide Ridge is cancelled
  • Montanya's Rum, UpSlope beer (to those 21 yrs old or older) and pizza will be included at awards party.
    Please book online at and enter the code below to receive discounts. 
    Lodging Ski Mountaineering Race Code: USSMA2013
  • Ski Trab skis, bindings, skins and SCARPA Alien boots are available for rent for the race or Full Moon Rendezvous at the SCARPA/SkiTrab Demo Center call Elevation Hotel front desk - (970) 251-3000
  • Race Registration is at the Elevation Hotel in Lower Level
  • Further questions:
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