Sunday, January 27, 2013

2013 Crested Butte Ski Mountaineering Results

 It was our "Plan B course" as we never got the new snow in order to open the access to the Guide Ridge, but I think everyone walked away with a new appreciation for the kick turn!  Thanks for the great turn out, and no one got lost..or frost bitten!  What a success!

Men's & Women's Recreation Class Results

Men's & Women's Recreation Class Results and our awesome sponsors!

CAMP Demo gear being fondled

Kate's Tram Bars & CAMP gear

Athletes getting ready at the Start with about 2 minutes to go

John Gaston leading the top five Men up the Peel

John Gaston

Brain Smith

Scott Simmons (R) and J. Marshall Thompson (L)

Max Taam (L) and J. Marshall Thompson (R)

Sarah Stubbe

Sarah Stubbe

Top Five Men L-R John Gaston -2nd, J. Marshall Thompson-3rd, Max Taam -1st, Brian Smith -4th, Scott Simmons -5th
Crested Butte News Article on the race

A few Facebook photos here....

Thanks for coming to Crested Butte.  Next year this venue will be the US National Championships.  The goal to always use the Guide Ridge (weather dependent of course), so we may look to move the date of this CB race. 

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