Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Yeah Just Gotta Poke Around....

...And be willing to go that extra mile right now to find the pow....its out there!  I just celebrated my 40th birthday with friends and family up at a cabin in Irwin.  Unfortunately you could drive to it, which means its super thin out there.  Thank goodness for North facing shadows which have been holding the pow...and very few folks around here are motivated ...yet, to go find it....I guess the biking is still good, ugh.

On skin track going up the south side of Ruby via the "Dyke Ridge".  Those are two week old turns you see...back when it was good

Jesse Mattner on Ruby Peak at the Weather station

Future skiers

Me and my lil' girl Gianna!

Day two and the crew headed out to Owen across Lake Irwin

Billy goatn' up the South side

Jesse Mattner bootn' up the Diagonal Col on South Owen

Two in our crew soaking up the sun before the traverse to the N. side of Owen

Two in our crew skinning up the Spire chute

Dropn' in!

Note the joker above Pat's head....luckily he's with us!

Farming turns on Owen

Spire Chute on Owen

Looking out towards Irwin cat ski operation and Scarp Ridge

Unfortunately on my birthday I also had to cancel a race, ugh!  Talk about a buzz kill!  Due to a lack of snow on Irwin's permitted cat operation, the Irwin/La Sportiva Skimo race scheduled for 12/8/12 cancelled.  We hope to know more about a rescheduled date shortly....shooting for 4/13/13 but that's TBD. 

Mean while, thank god for North facing pow!  I hear a weather pattern change is in our future...thank god, because Vegas needs to be able to flush their toilets this Spring/Summer!

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