Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Best Ski Boot Ever!

Stolen from SCARPA's website....

Here are the details on our favorite boot EVER!!!

The future of light-and-fast backcountry skiing is staring us in the eyes. And, it’s green.
SCARPA Alien 1.0
The Alien and Alien 1.0 create intelligent performance born from rando race ergonomics and minimalist aesthetics for an aggressive but efficient touring boot that’ll hold their own in any rando comp or for reaching that distant peak.
The Alien looks like a cross between Dr. Seuss and the Matrix. By implementing a pull-cord into a state-of-the-art design for a stripped down, smart and efficient ski/walk feature, SCARPA has demonstrated that simple and clever work well together. Removing the bottom buckle with a quick-acting Boa® closure system shaves weight and bulk but retains a formable scaffo (bottom shell) that can hug the foot for control and still provide maximum comfort for long days on the hill.
For maximum strength-to-weight ratio, the race-ready 1.0 uses SCARPA’s Carbon Core Technology, surrounding the lower foot in carbon fiber for rigidity and power-to-ski-edge transfer, and then molding that carbon fiber inside the polyamide shell. For the more mountain-spirited speed tourer or the recreational randonee racer, the standard Alien boasts a polyamide cuff that’s a little more forgiving, and adds a scant 7oz to the overall picture. Both boots have a single-throw ski/walk mode closure system, which firmly locks the boot for downhill in one singular motion.
The ability to move with grace and speed up a skin track isn’t exclusively for diehard, sinewy, lung-busting, spandex-clad racing types. Though they do well with these boots. With ergonomics that maximize cuff articulation and natural stride, the Alien and Alien 1.0 are for skiers who want the freedom of movement that can get them into the hills as efficiently as possible. There’s nothing alien about that way of thinking.
Jason and Andrew Dorais get it. The two SCARPA athletes have put the Aliens to test on their Homeric ski odysseys. “As someone who enjoys moving efficiently in the mountains, the Aliens just make sense,” says Jason.
Andrew agrees. “They are perfectly built for fast climbing with the incredible articulation at the cuff, the short rockered sole, and [very light weight]. They are also stiff and can certainly drive a race ski but we will be using them for all of our ski mountaineering, even with bigger skis.”
Both Aliens use Intuition liners. The 1.0 utilizes the strengths of a specifically designed overlap liner that features a special articulated tongue to maximize fore and aft articulation, but when locked down offers exceptional stiffness. The standard Alien makes good with a traditional tongue liner that does well with natural strides, yet works in concert with the Boa® closure system and upper cuff to provide all the necessary strength to drive skis with power and confidence.
This new movement of merging rando race efficiency with ski mountaineering is changing the way we look at skiing on a big scale, even our backyard hills. This new freedom is taking the slog out of big days and turning large, formidable objectives into realities. Half of the adventure is simply getting there. And to have the tools that’ll take you farther than you thought? Higher than you’ve been? Oh, the places you’ll go.

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