Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Team CB Welcomes Team Wasatch to SCARPA/Ski Trab

Over the Spring/Summer Andy & Jason Dorias and Team CB helped "grease the skids" for the Dorias to enter the world of SCARPA/Ski Trab.  The Dorias brothers have seen a lot of great results in races and big objectives, and clearly demonstrate a passion for light and fast travel high in the mountains...no matter what the weather gives 'em.
Andy & Wick Top of Ruby 10.14.12....someone forgot their ski boots.  Luckily SCARPA makes gear for every occasion!

They are also instrumental (along with Jared Inouye & Chad Brackelsberg) in bringing grass roots skimo racing to the Wasatch, with their weekly Brighton"Town Series".  Needless to say they will be great ambassadors to the SCARPA/Ski Trab brands as they continue to pick off sick objectives, and bring more folks into the world of Light & Fast mountain adventures.

This past weekend Jason Dorias came up for a family get away weekend to Crested Butte...little did his family know (actually they probably knew!) Andy was here for some training too!

Saturday, Team CB threw him into the 62nd Annual, W Mtn hill climb....a pre-season fitness test of uphill running to the top of Gunnison, CO's iconic little W Mountain.  The weather was nasty with a storm brewing in the mountains above Crested Butte, that left us with a cold & windy day down low....tough conditions for a run, but at least it wasn't raining.

The race is always a shock to the system to some degree, as it's typically a sub 20 minute effort up a "run-able" jeep road...gaining about 730' over approximately 2.75 miles.  The WSCU collegiate XC team always takes the race out hard and its a matter of maintaining any sense of composure and not blacking out, as you try to hang on to the next competitor in front of you. 

In the end Brain Smith crushed it, beating Wick by just over two minutes and Andy Dorias coming in about 20 seconds further back.  Other notables had Billy Laird coming in another six seconds behind Andy and Ben Johnson (on less than 25 miles/week of training) less than a minute behind Smithy!
Aliens &Polvere

With half the day done on Saturday, Andy did the family thing, and Wick & Billy Laird did some "recon" up near Irwin, CO in the Ruby Range.  To our surprise we found some snow...anywhere from 2"-30" depending upon aspect/elevation.  We of course brought our skis and had a blast, delicately dancing around "shark fins" in flat light as the storm was still in full effect.  We immediately put a text (with photos...) out to Andy to get him psyched for a Sunday morning ski tour...."keep your expectations low and you'll be pleasantly surprised"!
4-6" near 10,100ft

This pole is in snow approximately 25" deep!

Sunday morning arrived and we all car pooled up to near the Irwin Lodge entrance and parked the car...no need to go any further and risk getting stuck.
Our objective for Sunday ski tour, Ruby Pk.  Eventually we skied lookers right off the peak

This is where Team CB realized Andy is worthy of this new SCARPA/Ski Trab relationship....we all were putting our boots, skins and packs on, and Andy dropped the bomb...!!!  He forgot his boots!! ugh...needless to say, he beat us to the top of Ruby Peak in his mountain running SCARPA Sparks. ....We beat him down! 

Get your skiing on, welcome to the team Andy & Jason!  Pray for snow!

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