Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mid Summer Report

To start things off....the team has been doing their own individual thing;

Jon Brown has been racing his single speed mtn bike hard, with a most recent flat while in 2nd place at US Nationals in Sun Valley, ID last week....bummer because it looked like he had a podium spot locked up!

Jari has of course been in her mtn bike a ton, with a big focus for the Summer being the Breckenridge 100 this coming weekend....where she is the 2x champion.  A few weeks prior she did an Ironman in Coeur D'Alene, ID

Brian Smith is all over the map doing mtn bike races and having some good success...this coming weekend he is off to Beaver Creek for the Rocky Mtn Regional Xterra event....his first one of the Summer.  Expect to see him on the podium and then really ramp up for the Xterra US Nationals and Worlds later this Fall.

I have been building my running base over the Summer months and enjoying the slow, down time of Summer.  A few low key running races with nothing "big" until the Fall as I ramp it up for Winter skimo race season.

We all have been enjoying the new SCARPA Spark trail run shoe with its light weight, low drop and great protection ...its a great shoe for ANY trail surface...but really shines as the trail gets more technical (where we like to play!).

Some big news in the back country scene is that the fast & light Summer company, Salomon is getting into the back country game and going after the light weight scene.  Team CB once was associated with Salomon back in our Adventure Race days.  They know the Winter ski scene well and now with this formulated entry into "our world" this should only help to push the current major players to all step it up.  Salomon has already pulled in two known players from Salomon...Greg Hill and Fede (who is know for crafting the boots for Dynafit)....I'd guess Dynafit is on the bulls-eye for they have been the leader in this category for some time.

Additionally the Skimo scene lost a hero as Stephane Brosse died in a freak accident .... doing a speed traverse over Mont Blanc with Killian.  He was known as "The Boss", as he held many titles.  He had two kids and a third on the way, so so sad in so many we all have a passion for the mountains and know that life can be taken and born in these very mountains.

The other big news is that there is no snow or water around here to ski.  The Western US has been in a drought for the last 8 months and its starting to show as rivers and reservoirs are at historic lows. 

Here's praying for rain & more snow this Winter.  Get out and have some fun in the mountains this Summer!

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