Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Last Video of the Season/Grand Traverse Recap

Final Video of the season for Team Crested Butte.   Its been an odd, low snow year and I think if the 2012 Winter can be summed up in one comment:

"if it looks thin, its probably thin.  If it looks good, its probably thin"!

The Final video takes a look at the 2012 Elk Mtns Grand Traverse that Smith/Wick won, in fast and firm conditions.

Lots of success for Team CB throughout the Winter, with the low point ironically being our home race in the North American Ski Mountaineering Championships.   High points being; Irwin, Sunlight, Power of Four, Teva Winter Games, Monarch, Wasatch Powder Keg and the Grand Traverse (basically every race but the CB race!). 

We will post a few more skimo blogs yet this Spring, but we are clearly in transition mode as we have bikes and trail shoes out....but no storage wax on yet!


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