Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wick's Picks for Skimo Season 2011/2012

 Rando racing is about getting out, skiing hard and having fun.  NO SPECIALIZED GEAR IS REQUIRED!!!!  That’s right, you can race on your normal backcountry setup – both Tele and AT gear will get you by.  That said, Rando specific gear is HIGHLY specialized AND offer’s an enormous benefit.  So if you really want to compete, specific rando race gear is CRITICAL!  Let me repeat that – the rando specific gear is SO GOOD, that it offers an insurmountable advantage over traditional backcountry gear.  Here are some specific suggestions that the team will be on this Winter:

1.        Boot: 
a.        SCARPA, Alien 1.0:   Super light for the up’s, and with a carbon upper cuff it hangs it out there with any four buckle boot on the downhill!  It’s on every elite, light & fast athlete!  It not just about the up’s with this boot.

                     Just getting into the light & fast scene?  This one does the trick at a price conscious point.

2.        Bindings:
                         Super light, durable and will release you when its time to “pull the E-Brake”

3.        Ski
a.        Ski Trab Duo Race Aero World Cup:  The best race ski period, durable and light...think 29'er Carbon Hartail

b.       Ski Trab Tour Rando:    A great alternative to a pure race ski.  It’s at home in the back country pow and on the race course...think steel 29'er hardtail

  4.  Skins:
a. CAMP Mohair:  

Either Euro brand works great.  Just make sure they are 100% mohair.  Get some Gold Label glue and make sure your metal edges are still showing.  Get two pair!

Carbon with a race basket and a great grip/strap          

a great price conscious alternative.  Get them slightly longer as the race basket will sink through the soft snow.

6. Pack:
At 260 gr. use this one for all your race day & dawn patrol missions 18L

 use this 600gr. pack for the Elk Mountains Grand Traverse or longer day outings 30L

c.        Ski Trab: another great race day pack & and for your light & fast dawn patrols…gotta get to work!

7.       Suit:
Laugh at it now, but once you get it, you’ll see its function before fashion.  Use it on race day, and then use it again as a complimentary base layer under your shell for back country powder missions.  Designed for those that know how to travel light and fast in the mountains!

8. Helmet:

c.        CAMP Speed:

           9. Probe:
                                     Lightest 2.4M probe in the world!  133 grams!

                      130gr. heavier than the Carbon probe, gets the job done

10.     Shovel:
a.        CAMP Crest:
The only ISMF certified real shovel, when weight matters in competitions

    Your Aluminum version, heavier and more well round use in the back country

11.     Gloves:
a.        CAMP G Comp Wind :   This glove is a must, totally rocks.  I use it nearly every sunny day, back country or race day.  Works down to 5F for me.  The external shell that pulls out of the wrist, gives this glove a very broad temperature range for its minimal appearance.

              b.      CAMP G Hot Dry:
                                My go to glove when temps on my ski tour will be in single digits or less, or stormy.

b.       CAMP Wind Mit’N:  Add this 15gr overmit to your quiver.  It’s like putting a wind layer over your core.  Adds a huge temperature range to your glove you already wear.  Perfect for those that love to play up high!
12.     Harnesses:
                               Lightest skimountaineering harness in the world.  You don’t even know
                                     its on!  95gr.

Great lightweight alternative.

13.     Other Misc.
a.        Ice Axe: CAMP Corsa:
Lightest ice axe in the world! 205gr.

b.       Crampons: CAMP XLC390:
Lightest 12 pt crampon in the world 390gr.
c.        Shell Jacket:
                              Put this jacket on at tree line and say good bye to your competitors, it
                                goes on in a flash!
d.       Puff Ball Jacket
CAMP ED Micro Jacket:  under 350 gr. Down filled with a hood!

e.        Shell Pant: CAMP Flash Pant:
When you need them you’re psyched you have them.  At 111gr. there is no need to EVER leave them behind on your ski adventure!

Pray for snow, and make your wish list for Santa!

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