Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Vasque Golden Leaf and Hydration

 I run only to stay in shape for ski touring....but yet I've grown to like the sport, as long as its on a beautiful trail.  It really does mimic the stride of ski touring, and its requirements (vs. mtn biking, my other go to sport in the Summer) is very minimal.  Plus I kind of have to run .... as I have the best wife ...and coach!

The Vasque Golden Leaf Half Marathon was this past weekend, and it wound up being a gathering of a few skimo racers from the Colorado area....so it was worth the effort to get on the start line.  The race was really well  run, the leaves were going off and the point to point trail was amazing....technical enough to keep your attention, yet very runable. 

I like to get a few Fall trail running races in to get the body used to race pace again, after a Summer of base miles and recovery, so this was a perfect event.

Interesting report on hydration and being athletic....
I saw this study and thought it was interesting as I have my own views, and ultimately everybody's bodies are different. Certainly you have to take in consideration the climate you live and train/race in, but I tend to maybe over hydrate if I truly believe this study.....

Happy Trails.  Pray for Snow!

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