Monday, September 19, 2011

Reload for Winter 2012

Looking North towards Irwin from Gunnison....a light dusting up high!
After a hiatus over the Summer (from blogging about skiing), its time to regain some focus and start doing the snow dance.  The proverbial "switch" has gone on...the leaves are changing, our first light dusting of snow has blanketed the peaks above 11,000 feet, and Fall is in the air!

The Summer was a time to have some necessary down time after an intense Winter of racing from December - April. Over the Summer the team has been building some base with trail/mountain running, mountain biking, along with an Iron Man and a few Adventure races for Jari....

The Pro Tour Challenge was one of the highlights for our community with two stages taking place near us....getting to see some of our heroes on the road bike was a great jolt for this Valley, as we really embrace "the bike" in the Summer around here.  We had the top three podium finishers from this years TdF in the peloton.

The Finish line on the first Stage from Salida to Mt. CB  
Last Winter was a great year for snowfall around Crested Butte....and with early indications showing La Nina being forecasted again for this year  I've got "my tips crossed" for this year.

Nothing would bring a greater smile to our faces than another banner year for snow fall.  Lots skimo races on tap for the Winter....for now its time to stay healthy, keep training and have fun!  More soon....

Pray for snow!

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