Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wenger Presentation, French Guests and The 5 Peaks

Jari & Wick talk Skimo & Adventure Racing at The Wenger Flagship store
Post Elk Mountain Grand Traverse and life continues.....Jari and I spoke this past Thursday at the US flagship store for Wenger.  Jari spoke about her experience at the the Wenger Patagonia expedition race, while I spoke about my Ski Mo racing experiences around the world and in my back yard.  Folks really seemed to be inquisitive about the skis, boots & bindings as it seems the gear has yet to hit the Boulder area hard.  Boulder is a town that seems to have many sides to it with in its athletic community...but has yet to add the truly mountain sport of Ski Mo racing to its quiver.  CAMP, Dynafit & SCARPA all have North American head quarters in the Boulder area, so why hasn't the word spread to the surrounding community? Hhhmmmm...we are trying!

Seb & Billy throwing down after some late March pow turns!
I love showing off the Crested Butte backcountry to folks and this past Tuesday I got the pleasure of skiing it with a French friend of mine Sebastien Sxay.  We have known each other for 7+ years of Adventure racing, as he has been the navigator of Team Wilsa Sport/Helly Hanson and a member of the Dauphine Skimo Team out of the Grenoble area....needless to say he was stoked to make some turns in the soft snow we got blessed with on Red Lady bowl.

The Red Lady ski was just a warm up for am as this past Friday I took Sebastien and his girlfriend Anne up to a cabin in the Anthracite Range for a "American style hut experience".  Also sharing that experience was my 8 month old daughter Gianna...a father/daughter experience without mom!  She did great!  ...also joining us for the fun was Eric Sullivan who is getting a late taste of Winter.
Seb & Sully on top of the Anthracite Range
One of those weekends...you know the French are in town when you see the PG boots!

This Saturday will also be The Five Peaks race in Breckenridge.  Its a teams race that I competed in last year with Jon Brown as we won the Men's Title.
Wick & JB booting up Imperial Bowl

This year I exhausted all Crested Butte area skimo athletes and for one reason or another....couldn't come up with a partner.  Monique Merrill was going to do it with Mike Kloser but is really more interested in helping to put on the race sooooo....I & Mike will be teaming up to go for the Men's title.  It should be a lot of fun as Mike and I have always been competitors in Skimo & Adventure Racing but now will find each other on the "same team"!  The weather forecast calls for Winter to return so it should be extra tough in Breck this weekend!

Ski Fast!

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