Monday, April 18, 2011

Ledgendary Powcorn on Gothic

With an unsettled weather pattern showing no signs of slowing down in April around the Central Rockies its been tough to find what you're looking for...but I guess that just means we need craft our expectations accordingly! This past Saturday JB, Smithy & I got one of Crested Butte's prizes....the South face of Mt Gothic (12,625ft, 3,848m).  Its a fairly straight forward ski at about 38-43 degrees.  We found it with some pow up high, heavy transformed pow in the middle and beautiful corn down low. 2:25 car to car on our lightweight rando gear.  The gear skated great out on the approach to the base.  Skinned and booted up near the top ...soaked up some rays...waited for the sun to hit (as it was in/out all morning) and nailed the DH!

JB booting up the ridge (look hard, he's just a dot in the photo) on Gothic...just back from Italy

Smithy enjoying his first summit of Gothic

Looking South towards CBMR

Smithy enjoying the views of the Slate River Valley

JB with the prize in the background
JB had just gotten back from Southern Italy the night before and was noticeably tired from the jet lag and vino, but killed it.  We'll make him a ski mountaineering before his day is done!
Sunday was a trail run around pics please!  Unfortunately its that time of the year when multiple disciplines can happen on either end of Gunnison County....but I still prefer to ski!

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