Friday, April 29, 2011

Final COSMIC race of the season, A-Basin

Start of the 2008 Race at A-Basin

A-Basin is the last stop on the COSMIC tour of the 2011 season and for the fourth year in a row I'll toe the line.  I've been fortunate to win it the last two years....and with $500 for first place, its all the motivation I need to show up.  With Winter hanging on it does one of two things for most skiers....

1) Makes you crave the desert (warm weather, mtn. biking, trail running, climbing, kayaking) more
2) Gives you an excuse to keep skiing

I fall into the second category above...I grew up skiing as my first love of sports, moved to CO to ski and to this day its the still my favorite activity. I've had some great Winter snow descents just this week, so it helps to keep the motivation high!
Wick winning the 1st place title in 2009

So hopefully I can summon the ski gods to pull of another top result to end the season....and as I've come to expect Uller (the god of Winter) is calling for Winter like conditions tomorrow, go figure.  I certainly prefer racing in cold powder vs. hardpack, so hopefully this draws other racers to toe the line for one last effort!

Its a typical skimo race with about 5000ft of elevation gain/loss with one boot pack on the last climb for about 200 vertical feet.  The only serious terrain is on the last two descents which I would describe as "off piste" 40 degree + descents...they could be fun in the new pow!

Ski Fast!

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