Tuesday, April 26, 2011

5 Peaks Video, COSMIC Series, Smithy & Jari

Several weeks ago I raced with Mike Kloser in The 5 Peaks race in Breckenridge and Daniel Dunn was there to capture all the action.  You'll get to see my broken ski at the end of the video...

5 Peaks Breckenridge race video

In looking back on my racing year with regards to teams races, I only reached our team's goal once ( Power of Four- Aspen) as equipment failures hindered my teams performance...

1) World Championships in Italy - Chris Kroger's binding broke in the first 200M of the race. DNF
2) Elk Mountain Grand Traverse - Multiple skin issues on one of my skis, due to high fluoro wax -10th
3) Power of Four -no gear issues - 1st place (the goal!)
4) The 5 Peaks - broken ski -2nd place (not bad but still disappointed)

The last race of the COSMIC Series is this Saturday at A-Basin.  Last week's Molas Pass race was cancelled due to weather/low visibility.  Unfortunate, as this course has some great terrain, and last year it didn't even happen as permits were not put together in time.  Two years ago I raced it in 12" of new snow and had a great time...at the time, it was the only course to be 100% off a ski area (now CS Irwin is as well).

The A-Basin race is of course (as the name suggests) completely on a ski area but has a great "off-piste feel" for the second half of the race as we get away from the groomed slopes.  I have won this race the last two years (if I recall correctly....) and am looking to take the title again. 

Winter is STILL holding on strong so I'm still skiing in the back country several days a week, but inserting a lot more trail running into to my schedule as its just more convenient at times...but certainly not as fun!

Brian Smith is off today to Spain for the  ITU Cross Triathlon World Championships .  He is pretty focused on racing in the Xterra off road tri Series, and will be representing the USA at this championship event.

Meanwhile Jari is off to China for a 4 day adventure "stage race".  She is the female on a Swedish team that is of course hoping to place well.

Its that time of the year when you can ski in the morning and bike, kayak, trail run in the afternoon, and repeat it all again the next day! 

Enjoy your Winter/Spring/Summer day !

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