Thursday, March 10, 2011

Flash Anorak - Sweet idea from C.A.M.P

Flash Anorak as seen completely "on" from the back/side.

The Flash Anorak by C.A.M.P is mandatory gear! Its one of those "why didn't I think of this" pieces of gear! Its an ultra light weight wind shell with no back on it.  It fits into a stuff sack that is held around your waist by a tiny waist never know its on you until you need it.  No need for a back on this shell because it fits right around your pack and has a Velcro closure on the back of the shell right underneath where the back pack would be, ensuring a tight fit....ts also got a hood on it too!

Its not much bigger than a pair of sunglasses, stuffed in its own pouch.
It weighs in at 112grams and has its own pouch to stow it away until you need it. I have personally had it for three months now and take it out on every back country ski I've done.  Usually I "whip it out" every time I get at tree line when heading towards a peak, as I know it will be breezy/windy and need another layer to retain warmth.  On my ski descent back down I almost always tuck it away back in it's pouch at tree line again.....Its made of lightweight nylon like material so its not tear resistant so be sure not to brush up against rocks and trees as it will tear!  The on/off process can easily be done in 10-15 seconds while moving slowly, so you never "lose a step" in a race setting.

I have used it in several COSMIC races this Winter...most recently Brian Smith & I won the Aspen, Power of Four  skimo race and I used it on Highlands Bowl as we booted above tree line to the peak.  The beauty of this shell is that you can add a wind layer WITHOUT STOPPING or REMOVING YOUR PACK!  So often racers battle between stopping and losing a few minutes (as you dig into your pack) to put on a layer Vs. keep moving and freeze to death (only to lose more time because your freezing and can't think straight....I've been there!)

If look close at me on the left of the photo, you can see the orange Flash Anorak on my right hip.Thanks Beth Willie for the photo!
This shell has so many applications besides skimo racing, I envision using it during Summer mountain runs, biking into head winds and nordic skiing.  Of special note, if you're doing the Elk Mountain Grand Traverse this is the shell to have on once you approach the Friends Hut and over Starr Pass!  Buy it here!


  1. That's great idea! A lot of us trail runners use the GoLite Wisp, roll it up, and tie the arms around your waist instead of needing a pouch/belt. I think the Wisp is 3oz... pretty amazing that Camp could make a hooded jacket with a belt pouch for only 1 oz more!

  2. Agreed, most light & fast companies have figured out how to make a light shell...but this one just has a super special place in my heart because its designed to go right around your pack as you ski away from your "friends"...super slick with a hood too!