Thursday, March 24, 2011

Elk Mountain Grand Traverse - What Does Your Pack Weigh?

Over the last several years my pack has gotten lighter and lighter due in part to one lone manufacturer C.A.M.P. They make THE lightest gear in every single ski mountaineering category...and a lot of those items happen to be mandatory gear in this race.

This week is probably the most stressful time of the year for those that signed up for the race as its time to "lay the cards on the table".  Has the training paid off?  Have you given an honest effort to getting in your race boots/skis throughout the Winter (and avoiding blisters!)....has your partner giving the same effort towards training for this race? 

With these and other questions looming over our heads as competitors in this race....I thought I'd show you what's in mine & Jon Brown's packs....(we obviously are sponsored athletes of C.A.M.P for full disclosure)

Mandatory Gear In Our Packs
-Pack - CAMP X3 600 (30L 600g)
-Probe-CAMP Carbon Fiber probe (132g) (240cm)
-Shovel- CAMP Crest (253g)
-Wind Shells - CAMP Flash Anorak top with hood - (112g), CAMP Magic Pants (86g)
-Down Jacket - CAMP ED ED 105 Micro Jacket with hood (337g)
-Spare Gloves - CAMP G Hot Dry Glove (110g)
-Base Layers -Patagonia silk long sleeve top & bottoms
-Fleece Pants - IBEX fleece pant
-Sleeping Pad - 3/4 Thermorest and bike tube patch kit
-Mylar space bag
-Extra socks
-Extra hat
-Equipment repair kit (including an extra Dynafit binding shared between JB & I)
-First Aid & Blister kit
-Stove & cooking container(JB will carry the stove & fuel)
-Two new C.A.M.P water bottles (22oz of water in each) that will go in the C.A.M.P water bottle holders attached to the shoulder straps of our packs
-COSAR hiking permit
-Googels & sunglasses, sunscreen
Factory made water bottles with hose

C.A.M.P. X3 600 pack loaded with mandatory gear listed above

Pack weight "dry" - No water or food

Mandatory Gear "On Our Body"
-Skis - Goode Carbon Fiber ski 164cm (810g) with leashes
-Skins - C.A.M.P. 100% Mohair skinsr - 2 Pair
-Beacon - Pieps 457 Opti-Finder (for racing only...transmits & receives)
-Extra Mittens - C.A.M.P G Comp Windmit'N - (15g)
-One Piece Race Suit - C.A.M.P. designed skimo suit with hood, skin pocket and two deep pockets for food and beacon
-100oz hydration blatter
-Bindings - Ski Trab TR Race Toe & TR Race Heel(141g per Toe & heel)
-Boots - SCARPA F1 Carbon bootsS.C.A.R.P.A F1 Carbons
-Headlamp - NiteRider MiNewt with spare battery and head mounted strap
-Poles - LEKI adjustable aluminum
-C.A.M.P G Comp Wind gloves (90g)
-C.A.M.P. Alp 95 Harness (not required but good for towing purposes) (95g) & bungee cord

I think that's about it for gear that JB & I will be carrying over to Aspen....not let's just hope the weather forecast cooperates....hold a ski race, and expect a snow storm is how it usually goes!

Thank you to all the volunteers who have made this race the iconic event that it is today!

There are several new events out there that have tried to up the ante but this one is STILL THE ONLY SKI EVENT THAT TRULY TRAVELS THROUGH THE BACKCOUNTRY FOR AN EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME!  The Breck 5 Peaks & Aspen's Power of Four are close...but let's be honest....they are great new races to the COSMIC scene but they are on or near a ski area at all times.  Don't complain that you have to carry all this gear....just pray you never need to use it ALL!

See you in ASPEN....Ski Fast, Be Safe, Have Fun...Its Skiing After All!


  1. "Factory made water bottles with hose"
    -- Where/how did you get these? I see them listed on the Euro website, but CAMP USA says they're not available in the U.S.

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