Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dawn Patrol on the Axtel Pencil

Sunrise from near the top of Axtel looking east of course towards Mt. CB
Got out this morning for a ski with some light & fast "heavies" (Billy & Josh, Janelle Smiley, and Peter Gaston, in from Aspen) as we all converged at the Kebler Pass trail head for a 5:30am snowmobile tow.  Three people on tow and two on the sled made for a funny scene...thank god it was dark out so no one could see this junk show! Ha!

At the top of the Axtel pencil looking North-ish towards Mt Emmons (Red Lady bowl light up at sunrise)

Looking down the pencil as Billy Laird showed us the way.

With the mild temps and lack of recent snow, its was surprisingly soft still....isn't that the beauty of a "protected" spot like this!

Looking back up the pencil from the apron
This was my third early start of the week (leaving Gunnison at 4:50AM)...well worth it but I think for the sake of sanity (and my wife) I should sleep in tomorrow.  Snow is in the forecast, but they are already wavering on how much we will actually see come Friday as the storm blows out.....we'll take what we can get.

The Elk Mountain Grand Traverse is coming up in about 10 days, so folks are really starting to finish off any last bit of hard training efforts and dial in gear.  Jon Brown and I will be racing together and going for the title!  Jari & Smithy are working on "other endeavors" so they won't be racing it this year....putting all the weight on our shoulders to bring a title to Team Crested Butte! 
Ski Fast

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