Tuesday, March 15, 2011

CAMP G-Comp Wind Glove

G Comp Wind with Orange nylon mitten over the top of the the glove.  The orange mitten tucks in to a pouch in the wrist, when not in use.

I was introduced to the glove last season before the Grand Traverse backcountry ski race.  I love the wind mitten cover that easily tucks into the wrist with a fixed snap closure.  I like to have the mitten out for race starts in the early morning cold (down to about 0F) and when exposed on unprotected peaks.  The glove itself is the perfect weight for randonee racing and has good rubberized grip on the fingers and palm.  The extra grip is especially helpful when ripping skins and changing modes of the AT bindings in transition.
Wick & Smithy using the G Comp Wind glove at Power of Four

One draw-back to this glove is the delicate nylon used for the wind mitten.  You will want to be sure to tuck the nylon mitten away prior to changing bindings/skins as the fabric will tear easily.  As long as you take care to avoid damage to the mitten, it provides great wind protection with quick and easy access.
Wick using the G Comp Wind on Ruby Pk above tree line this Fall

Due to the glove's great versatility I have even used the glove for nordic racing and road cycling.  The glove runs a little small so order up a size for sure!  Order the glove here.

Team Crested Butte -
Brian Smith

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