Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Skinning uphill is not a crimb, but skiing on waxless skis is!

When I grow "old" I hope I still have the gumption to take on archaic rules like this Austrian did!  We race at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort each year....hell its the US Ski Mountaineering Championships....yet they don't allow folks to tour up the mountain in the mornings or evenings after the resort is closed.  Thank god we have the friendly confines of CBMR to train on when we want to go fast!  They get it here and totally embrace it!

I hope this begins further debate for the Jackson Hole community and the resort so that ultimately they can be allowed to skin up the mountain!

In further developments in Gunnison County......local ripper Brian Smith was caught out Classic skiing (which is not a crime), on waxless skis (which should be a crime!). 

Why is this note worthy?  If you know the kid and have seen his results recently....he NEVER goes slow, so when I dropped him on waxable classic skis, I had to ask him....with the talent you have, why would you ever use waxless skis?  ....too lazy to put on kick wax I guess! 

Ride the glide Brian.....and never quite fighting for your rights!

Hope you enjoyed the powder day yesterday....-21F on the ski area this morning for "hot laps". CBMR Rules!

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