Monday, January 10, 2011

So Why the Increased Depth in the Field?

For one its got to be the gear...and two....its got to be the gear! Since WWI and WWII when European countries were battling over the high alpine real estate....alpine ski travel has been refined. Its been a trickle down process to get the gear in the US since then. Finally US mountain communities are seeing a rise in back country travel (and fun!) due to the prevalance of Dynafit/SCARPA products becoming available over the last 10 years....yeah telemark gear has been available but just not light or efficient as the new AT gear.

So now that the gear is available and a 2nd hand market is established for an easy of entry ($$$), the poor athlete who is super fast at other sports, can now get into the sport! This has now recently (last 2-3 years) developed an increase in COSMIC/USSMA attendance ....and battles for the top 8 spots to make the US Ski Mountaineering Team at the US Nationals. Its exciting times for Ski Mo racing in the US!...think NORBA 1983.....O' yeah, its kind of fun too!

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