Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How These Saved my (fingers) life

Just one of many times......this glove has saved my life.

Racing can be life or death if you are serious about your goals....(no we're not going to kill ourselves if we don't win) but....

Facts going into this segment of the race situation I describe below....

Temp: 26F at start....18F top of Mtn
Wind Speed: 25-45MPH
Wind Chill: ~ minus 10-30F
2 hours and 5000ft of skinning into the race, I've been seating

Take this past weekend,the US Ski Mountaineering Nationals Jackson Hole. We topped out of booting up Corbet's Col and the winds were NUKING!! out and we had to skin up the ridge to the patrol shack for an additional 5 minutes. This was enough to make most people stop and break out more layers...and when you stop in a race you are losing ground! ....me? I broke out my nylon shells from these CAMP G Comp Wind gloves and kept moving, fingers were fine! The nylon shell is removed from a small pouch on the back of the wrist and easily slipped over all your fingers to protect them from the elements and retain some heat! At the patrol shack I had dexterity in my fingers for the skin rip, and got down as fast as I can....making up time on my competitors! Buy em! They are life savers!

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